New Mission, New Look

Hi again folks,

Pardon the weekend intrusion, but I wanted to quickly reach out again to say thank you for all of the incredibly positive feedback I’ve received over the past few days in response to my previous post.

Truth be told, I was a bit taken aback at how sorry many of you were to see the plug pulled on the strategy-based version of the Report! Your responses have been quite eye-opening and inspirational to me.

From what I’ve gathered, most of you who regularly visited the site were *not* using it to systematically implement the trading strategies, but rather were leveraging their fund ranking systems to gain insight into sector and asset class leadership for your own discretionary trading purposes.

That was very exciting news to me. So exciting, in fact, that I’ve spent the past two days relentlessly working to upgrade the site’s content and layout to better serve that purpose.

The general idea behind the new format is to provide an easy path from high-level market overview on the Home page to a detailed breakdown of sector and asset class leadership on the Groups page, while staying abreast of chart developments and trade opportunities on the Alerts page.

I’m sure you’re all busy. I know I am. But, if you get a chance to have a look, please feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions or feedback you may have. My goal is to quickly evolve this new format based on your needs and your feedback is paramount to that effort.

While I reserve the option to re-instate fee-based access to certain high-value areas of the site down the line, it’s all free for now and there for the taking. So enjoy!!

Thanks so much for your time, and good hunting!