The Relativity Report is one programmer’s attempt to make sense of the ever-changing but interrelated nature of financial, non-financial, domestic and international markets, and is loosely based on the work of John J. Murphy. To quote Mr. Murphy:

“The U.S. stock market doesn’t trade in a vacuum; it is heavily influenced by the bond market. Bond prices are very much affected by the direction of commodity markets, which in turn depend on the trend of the U.S. dollar. Overseas markets are also impacted by and in turn have an impact on the U.S. markets.”

The charting techniques presented on this site are derived from techniques popularized by Thomas J. Dorsey and Jeremy du Plessis.

To be clear…

…the publisher of this website is not a financial adviser or analyst, and has no formal training in finance.

That said, he is a highly-motivated and skilled application developer with a deep interest in technical analysis, and has devoted much time and energy to studying and merging the two subjects. He’s leveraged those efforts to generate the content contained on this website with the sincere hope that it will bring a bit of big-picture clarity to other like-minded investors out there.

If you have suggestions…

…as to how he could improve this site, by all means, feel free to drop him a note. He’d love to hear from you. But please keep it civil. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Offensive, profane, or unnecessarily aggressive diatribes will be ignored with alacrity.

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