P&F Chart Alerts

As of 04/15/2021

Absolute Price | Relative Strength
Point and Figure price chart alerts (past week)
Symbol|Chart symbol.Description|Chart description.Date|Chart alert date.Alert|Chart alert description.
XLUUtilities04/15/2021New X Box Added
SPYSP 50004/15/2021New X Box Added
PALLPalladium04/15/2021O-to-X Column Reversal
TLT20+ Year04/15/2021O-to-X Column Reversal
TLT20+ Year04/15/2021Risk-To-Reward 3.40
LQDCorporate04/15/2021New X Box Added
LQDCorporate04/15/2021Risk-To-Reward 14.53
EPPPacific x-Jpn04/15/2021New X Box Added
USOOil04/14/2021O-to-X Column Reversal
XLYCons Discret04/14/2021New X Box Added
XLBMaterials04/14/2021New X Box Added
IEVEurope04/14/2021New X Box Added
XLYCons Discret04/13/2021New X Box Added
QQQNasdaq 10004/13/2021New X Box Added
QQQNasdaq 10004/13/2021Double Top Breakout
XLKTechnology04/13/2021New X Box Added
PPLTPlatinum04/12/2021X-to-O Column Reversal
PPLTPlatinum04/12/2021Risk-To-Reward 6.04
XLYCons Discret04/09/2021New X Box Added
SPYSP 50004/09/2021New X Box Added
GLDGold04/08/2021O-to-X Column Reversal
GLDGold04/08/2021Risk-To-Reward 21.82
QQQNasdaq 10004/08/2021New X Box Added
XLKTechnology04/08/2021New X Box Added
LQDCorporate04/08/2021O-to-X Column Reversal
LQDCorporate04/08/2021Risk-To-Reward 7.25
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