P&F Chart Alerts

As of 03/21/2019

Absolute Price | Relative Strength
Point and Figure relative strength chart alerts (past week)
Symbol|Chart symbol.Description|Chart description.Date|Chart alert date.Alert|Chart alert description.
QQQ:UUPNasdaq vs USDNasdaq 100 vs US Dollar03/21/2019New X Box Added
IWM:QQQRuss2K vs NasdaqRussell 2000 vs Nasdaq 10003/21/2019New O Box Added
AGG:QQQBonds vs NasdaqAgg Bond vs Nasdaq 10003/21/2019New O Box Added
XLY:XLFDiscrets vs FinsCons Discret vs Financials03/21/2019New X Box Added
XLF:XLKFins vs TechFinancials vs Technology03/21/2019New O Box Added
SHY:TLT1-3Y vs 20Y1-3 Year vs 20+ Year03/21/2019X-to-O Column Reversal
LQD:SHYCorp vs 1-3YCorporate vs 1-3 Year03/21/2019New X Box Added
LQD:SHYCorp vs 1-3YCorporate vs 1-3 Year03/21/2019Low Pole Reversal
AGZ:LQDAgens vs CorpAgencies vs Corporate03/21/2019New O Box Added
AGZ:LQDAgens vs CorpAgencies vs Corporate03/21/2019High Pole Warning
MBB:LQDMBS vs CorpMBS Bond vs Corporate03/21/2019New O Box Added
UUP:USOUSD vs OilUS Dollar vs Oil03/20/2019New O Box Added
UUP:USOUSD vs OilUS Dollar vs Oil03/20/2019High Pole Warning
QQQ:IWMNasdaq vs Russ2KNasdaq 100 vs Russell 200003/20/2019New X Box Added
EFA:UUPEAFE vs USDMSCI EAFE vs US Dollar03/20/2019O-to-X Column Reversal
XLK:XLFTech vs FinsTechnology vs Financials03/20/2019New X Box Added
USO:DBAOil vs AgriOil vs Agriculture03/20/2019New X Box Added
SHY:HYG1-3Y vs Hi Yld1-3 Year vs High Yield03/20/2019New O Box Added
SHY:TIP1-3Y vs TIPS1-3 Year vs TIPS03/20/2019X-to-O Column Reversal
TLT:SHY20Y vs 1-3Y20+ Year vs 1-3 Year03/20/2019O-to-X Column Reversal
TIP:SHYTIPS vs 1-3YTIPS vs 1-3 Year03/20/2019O-to-X Column Reversal
LQD:AGZCorp vs AgensCorporate vs Agencies03/20/2019New X Box Added
LQD:AGZCorp vs AgensCorporate vs Agencies03/20/2019Low Pole Reversal
LQD:MBBCorp vs MBSCorporate vs MBS Bond03/20/2019O-to-X Column Reversal
XLP:XLKStaples vs TechCons Staples vs Technology03/19/2019X-to-O Column Reversal
XLK:XLUTech vs UtilsTechnology vs Utilities03/19/2019O-to-X Column Reversal
XLU:XLKUtils vs TechUtilities vs Technology03/19/2019X-to-O Column Reversal
GLD:PALLGold vs PalladmGold vs Palladium03/19/2019New O Box Added
PALL:SLVPalladm vs SilverPalladium vs Silver03/19/2019New X Box Added
SPY:UUPSP500 vs USDSP 500 vs US Dollar03/18/2019New X Box Added
PALL:GLDPalladm vs GoldPalladium vs Gold03/18/2019New X Box Added
QQQ:AGGNasdaq vs BondsNasdaq 100 vs Agg Bond03/15/2019New X Box Added
XLK:XLETech vs EnergyTechnology vs Energy03/15/2019New X Box Added
USO:GLDOil vs GoldOil vs Gold03/14/2019New X Box Added
USO:SLVOil vs SilverOil vs Silver03/14/2019New X Box Added
GLD:USOGold vs OilGold vs Oil03/14/2019New O Box Added
PPLT:USOPlatnm vs OilPlatinum vs Oil03/14/2019New O Box Added
PALL:PPLTPalladm vs PlatnmPalladium vs Platinum03/14/2019New X Box Added
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